Neil Armstrong and UFOs on the Moon

An article published in Avvenire, an Italian daily newspaper entitled “ Cose dell’altro mondo (Non noi soltanto) ” [Things from the other world (Not just us)], claims that Apollo 11 astronaut and the first man to step on Moon Mr. Armstrong saw something mysterious on Moon, which insistently observed the astronauts. The article is written by Alessandra Zavoli, the wife of the great Italian politician and journalist Sergio Zavoli. He died on August 4, 2020. [English Translation from web] “I [Sergio] interviewed Neil Armstrong. The astronaut confided to me that during the final phase of the approach to the satellite, he had seen a group of mysterious objects nearby. At 4.05 am on 21 July 1969, in Houston – when [Mission Control Center] asked him about the interference on radio transmissions – he replied: ‘I see huge objects, they look like spaceships and what is worse they look at us insistently.’” In 1987, British UFO researcher Timothy Good wrote a book entitled “ Above Top Secret: The

Giants roamed North America

 Did they? It certainly seems like, and they were wiped out by the more agile, much smaller American Indians, upon whom they feasted. Apparently, the Smithsonian Institute collected them, and dumped their skeletal remains out to sea, since they didn't fit in with their desired version of the history of humanity. The following is but one example of the many found by luminaries such as President George Washington, and their existence fascinated President Abrahan Lincoln. They were spread all over North America. They were used in chapters of some of my books, in a jocular way, like  The Inlooker, Simply Spiffin and Future World Rocks.

The Boy Who Lived On Mars

His name is Boriska_Kipryanovich To continue the theme in my last blog, about the alleged Space Trooper Randy Cramer, this is another source for the contents of my Sci-Fi stories. I have a personal belief that everyone reincarnates with memory loss. This is about a young man who claims to have been born on Mars. Ignore the silly coincidence of the name ‘Boris’ and let your imagination roam. Boriska Kipriyanovich alleged that he is a Martian-turned-human. He claimed that his race disappeared from Mars due to a nuclear war that took place a thousand years ago. According to the kid, there are numerous clues that point out the same outcome on Earth, and it may happen very soon. To prevent human extinction from happening, Kipriyanovich explained that he was sent to relay a warning for Earth's citizens. The main interest of the boy upon his arrival was to save the fate of humanity from the unfortunate disaster that happened to his people. Kipriyanovich narrated how he remembers the exact

Marine Corp and Super Soldiers

This time, I’m inviting YOU to participate in my ongoing quest for knowledge. It is relevant to unusual events reported in great detail. Judge for yourself whether they are true, keeping an open mind and verifiable witness statements. The first is about a US citizen called Randy Cramer, who claims to have been one of 300 children put on a special program for the future recruitment of Super Soldiers. This was run by the United States Marine Corp and dates back to the 1950s and 1960s. Where it becomes speculative but highly detailed is where he talks about the existence of a space fleet, an HQ located on the moon, and a stint of service protecting underground pockets of human societies on Mars. This posting lasted for 20 years, thus justifying the enormous cost of his training. I attach a link to start you rolling, which leads to many other links if you persevere. Look him up, Control Click on  Mars Defence Part 1 Force: Defending Human Colonies - Part Mars Defence Part 1: Capt K Inte

Middle-Aged Humour

I couldn't resist this one seen on Facebook  

The High Speed 2 Project

 Now the northern loop of the HS2 Train line has been abandoned. Costs of the initial leg of the service are soaring and up to 30 safe Tory seats are in peril, due in large part to the excessive disruption HS2 is already causing. I repeat my suggestion to a government that doesn’t seem to want to listen. Replace the proposed trains with a never-ending, looping stream of self-drive electric cars and wagons, no other high-speed traffic permitted. It would stimulate production of these proven vehicles and act as a testbed for the future. Sensors already fitted to new cars would work in all weathers and at night and there’d be pickup and drop-off sidings en route. They’d be far less intrusive and the infra-structure costs significantly lower,

The Great Plague

 Mindful of the current great plague, Covid, I watched a TV program about the bubonic plague that killed almost a quarter of London’s population over 18 months in 1665 and 1666. It showed the outlandish garb worn by doctors featuring a birdlike leather beak holding aromatic herbs to be breathed through and a gauze to peer ahead. The body was enclosed head to foot in a waxed, waterproof robe, giving full protection, along with leather boots, against infection. Modern scientists tested them and stated that they were highly effective against a disease known to be spread by fleas and lice. A house that contained the victims had to be emptied, a cross painted on its doors, then its interior painted with limewash and fumigated with fumes given off by water-drenched salt petre and brimstone. Quarantine lasted for 40 days, after which it could be occupied. Again, scientists proved how effective these measures were. The root cause of the contagion was the total insanitary conditions in which pe